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We are on a mission to advance democracy and improve the lives of all Houstonians one story at a time.

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Houston local photographer with Nikon camera
Houston Culture - residents are jogging over a bridge
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"Synchronicity of Color," an installation by Austin artist Margo Sawyer

What people are saying

"Nonpartisan news and information is so valuable because you’re not stealing someone’s control over how they should make decisions, you’re providing them with accurate info that’s concise and factual, and they get to make the decision."

—Angelica Razo, Texas State Director, Mi Familia Vota

"A platform like this would be so important to the immigrant and refugee community because they would get information about their community and what’s important to them…We never hear about the community because no one really asks."

—Jannette Diep, Executive Director, Boat People SOS-Houston

"I hope and look forward to a news source that represents the many different kinds of people in Greater Houston, their interests, and their needs. This would ensure Houstonians have access to information that’s accurate and understandable and meaningful to them."


"I am hopeful this project will bring about a paradigm shift in local news, that we can move from a mindset of competition to one of collaboration ... I believe community-rooted journalism necessitates greater accountability from media to neighborhoods and people who’ve been left out of decision-making and earned prosperity in Greater Houston.”

—Dr. Assata Richards, director, Sankofa Research Institute, Third-Generation 3rd Ward Resident

“This venture has the opportunity to support community-centered journalism that redistributes power and centers the lived experiences of those who have not always seen themselves reflected in local news reporting. We hope that it can show us ourselves in new ways and provide a lens through which we can think and act critically on race, class, and equity.”

—Frances Valdez, Executive Director, Houston in Action

"It’s absolutely critical that people pay attention to things like local government and school boards, and not just when things are going wrong ... I hope this will have a different flavor, telling stories of positive impact, of community life and culture and things that bring people together.”

—Terence Narcisse, East Harris County resident and community advocate